General Information

Educational Goals and Objectives

For the past seven years AH has been presenting the AH Leadership Forum in November. This educational event brings together many of our client leaders for two days of sessions on leadership, association trends, and other great ideas for our client partners. Like many of our client partners, we have had to adjust our plans to respond to a world where travel is limited and large gatherings have been canceled. We still want to share this great content with you so we have created the Third Wednesday E-Series

powered by AH Leadership Forum. This will be a series of monthly webinars taking place on the Third Wednesday of the month at 1:00pm Eastern Time, from November to June 2021.

Participating will be as easy as joining a Zoom call or WebEx. An added bonus to the virtual option this year is that no travel time nor expenses are involved so we hope
more client partners will be able to participate.

The goals of these monthly webinars are to:

  • Discuss topics affecting associations, non-profits and certification bodies
  • Bring forth trends in technology, marketing, and meetings and events
  • Foster engagement among AH staff and client leaders
  • Offer practical knowledge that leaders can apply directly to their professional lives and volunteer positions

We look forward to you joining us each month and are excited to share what we have in store for you!

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