Live Meetings: What does the Future Hold?

Time: Wednesday, December 16, 2020 - 1:00pm to 2:30pm

We're eager to return to the many opportunities offered by live meetings, particularly discovering new locations and connecting with colleagues and friends. In this session, you will hear more about the impact of Covid-19 on the hospitality and meetings industry including the ripple effect into 2021. Cities may be open for business but are our members ready to travel? Discover some of the factors that can be controlled and the ones that will require a strong stomach to ride out the uncertainty.

Learning Objectives

  • Get a forecast on what is in store for live meetings next year. How soon can we get back? Are attendees ready? What decisions need to be made now?
  • Learn what actions are being taken by various sectors of the hospitality and meetings industry to ensure the health and safety of participants in live meetings.
  • Identify factors that will financially impact a meeting's bottom line, or disrupt previous live meeting activities. What are the considerations for a hybrid meeting?