Red Chair Awards

AH’s Red Chair Awards program is designed to celebrate measurable success achieved by our valued client partners throughout the year. Typically, each award recognizes an accomplishment that is related to one of the AH pillars:

  • Multi-dimensional Growth
  • Engaged and Disciplined Leadership
  • Intelligent Use of Technology
  • Unwavering Commitment to mission

New this year, the year of change, we have changed the categories to closely reflect how the year has progressed and to acknowldege how our client partner associations have adapted.

The three categories of Red Chair Awards are:

  • The best use of Foresight
  • The best response to COVID-19
  • Most impactful new program or initative

Accomplishments have been submitted to the panel of judges by the organization’s executive director and the winners will be announced during the first webinar of this new virtual Third Wednesday eSeries on November 18, 2020.

To read about the 2020 Red Chair Award winners, click here.